BETWEEN THE NOTES: The Art of Storytelling with Music and Podcasts w/ Jad Abumrad & Brandon Kinder


In a compelling exploration of art and creativity, this interview brings together insights from conversations with Jad Abumrad, co-founder of Radiolab, and musician Brandon Kinder. It traverses Abumrad and Kinder's personal creative journeys, highlighting their transitions in the music industry, from band dynamics to solo projects, and the impact of experimental influences. Abumrad delves into the challenges of storytelling within traditional and innovative formats, expressing a desire to break free from neat narratives to embrace a more chaotic, truthful representation of reality. He also reflects on his journey from curiosity to leading a new wave of curiosity-driven content, aiming to blend storytelling with societal utility. Themes of authenticity, the struggle with creative blocks, and the fusion of documentary elements with music are discussed, aiming to create unique auditory experiences that transcend conventional boundaries. The dialogue concludes with a look into the future of storytelling and music, underscoring the importance of innovation and accessibility in pursuing societal benefits through art.


Jad Abumrad:

Brandon Kinder:


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