CO-ACCIDENTAL CREATION: Artist Dave McKean and pianist Stefano Bollani converse through creativity

Join renowned artist, Dave McKean, and Italian pianist, Stefano Bollani for an enlightening conversation on Podsongs covering their shared interests in art, jazz, and literature. The two creatives explore the intricacies of music creation and appreciation. Insights include their artistic journeys, perspectives on music education, experiences with film scores, the impact of regional dialects on music, and their love for various music styles such as jazz and Brazil's Bossa Nova. Personal stories of inspirations, challenges, and the magic of matching music to films make it a must-watch for arts and music enthusiasts. A perfect blend of shared passion, engaging creativity, and intellectual conversation on the convergence of art and music, which results in the creation of a new song by Dave McKean called 'Coincidentals'. 

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LYRICS to 'Coincidentals' by Dave McKean: 

His assistants busy themselves
Fetching scissors and coloured papers
Mixing hues of different flavours
Painting blues and greens and purples
Cutting stars and squares and circles
Beginning the journey
Through a thicket of collage and texture and bread and
From his bed he considers the surfaces
He remembers his voyages
And he watches
Henri watches
Henri’s body is bed bound
But his mind isn’t even earthbound
He cuts into the form of a figure
He places it next to another
No turning back, no hesitation
Letting go to muscle sense and iteration
Creativity in the present tense
No more sitting on the fence
Commit to the composition
And he watches…
Enrico watches…
The kids coming up through the quavers and crotchets
Little birds with their scales and rhythms and pitches
Finding their voices and hoping to sing
He’ll pass on the history, of princes and kings
Of Bix and Miles and the truth and the sophistry
Of Chet and Louis and the proof and the mystery
And he takes an occasional player under his wing
And flies through fundamentals
Improvisations and incidentals
And he watches…
Stefano watches…
The silence of the film and the stillness of the man
The girl leaves
His heart heaves
His blank expression
Falls to his knees and then the horizon
He sits.
He thinks.
Pushing his hat
Back on his head.
Lost in this moment of loss, the signs he misread,
He fails to notice
The coupling rod on the train that is rising and falling
and that is where his seat is
He bobs up and down as his dignity decreases
His stone face flashes a moment of indignation beneath
To acquire learning you need to read
But to gain wisdom you must watch
Stefano watches
Through the bars of his cage
A cage of bar lines and staves
Something to break out of
To fight with
To play with
To push and pull and tear and tickle and sway with
All those accidentals
Incidental music for life
Incidental music for life 

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