FINDING THE COURAGE TO TAKE OFF YOUR ARMOR: Leading MDMA-advocate inspires new Perpetual Groove song

Episode 144 of Podsongs—the podcast where musicians interview inspirational people as inspiration for a new song— Matthew McDonald of Perpetual Groove speaks to Jonathan Lubecky, Veterans & Governmental Affairs Liaison for MAPS, as inspiration for a new song called 'Fiery Skies', which will be released as a single on 1st December 2023

Stream the song:


Distant worlds from a past life, they haunt me
Memories blurred from that time, still find me
A shell of myself just trying to survive
Fiery Skies celebrate tonight, but I'm locked up
Trapped inside of my own mind, I'm fucked up
Maybe it's time to leave it all behind, and change my state of mind
No longer feel the need to wear my armor, long the way that it's been
And now I begin to see in colors, more than I've ever seen


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