WHALES, BREATH AND BEING: James Nestor inspires Lowland Hum to create a song about Freediving


Podsongs is the unique podcast where musicians interview inspirational people as inspiration for a new song. This episode, with writer James Nestor and the musical duo Lowland Hum, covers an expansive range of topics including the significant roles of breathing in enhancing both physical and mental health as advocated by Nestor, the creative and transformative journey of artists, and the deep intricacies of interviewing and engaging with diverse subjects. Detailed explorations include a breathing experiment led by Dr. Jayakar Nayak at Stanford exploring nasal versus mouth breathing, the attempt to communicate with marine animals through AI, and the concept of creating inclusive and meaningful retreats and musical experiences. The discussions provide rich insights into the interconnectedness of creativity, wellness, and scientific exploration, emphasizing the power of breathing and genuine engagement in fostering artistic expression and deeper understanding across various disciplines.




00:00 Welcome to Podsongs: Introducing James Nestor and Lowland Hum

00:27 Musical Connections and Collaborations

01:50 The Evolution of Lowland Hum's Sound

02:52 Recording Challenges and Creative Processes

09:43 The Art of Album Covers with Lauren Goins

10:12 The Realities of Touring and Creative Tensions

15:36 Exploring the Impact of Breathing on Health and Creativity

23:53 James Nestor Joins the Conversation

37:40 The Journey of Writing 'Breath'

42:29 Creative Processes and Collaborative Dynamics

49:49 The Paradox of Confidence and Insecurity in Creativity

50:25 The Privilege and Pressure of Artistic Creation

51:19 The Impact of Expectations on Art and Performance

55:03 Navigating the Challenges of Travel and Work-Life Balance

01:17:38 Exploring the Depths of Human and Animal Communication

01:27:28 The Universal Language of Breathing

01:29:34 Creating Unique Musical Experiences

01:36:31 The Power of Intergenerational Connections and Legacy

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