Carlos Tanner on healing trauma with Ayahuasca

Carlos Tanner is the founder of The Ayahuasca Foundation in Peru. After living and studying with a curandero for over four years, Carlos worked to provide a safe and effective way for people to not only receive treatment in the healing tradition of the Amazon but also to study the tradition, the way he had with his maestro. The idea for the Ayahuasca Foundation was born from a desire to spread the science of plant medicine back into the world. The Foundation supports the preservation of indigenous wisdom and culture, offering healing retreats and educational courses, and conducting research focused on the ayahuasca healing tradition used for millennia by indigenous healers of the Peruvian Amazon. The Ayahuasca Foundation also supports the preservation of the Amazon rainforest, and promotes educational efforts to raise awareness about sustainability, permaculture, and harmonious environmental relationships. The Foundation participates in community outreach programs and cultural reeducation projects. 

Listen to the song I wrote after being inspired by my conversation with Carlos 'It'll All Work Out'  and all the other Podsongs 


Lyrics to the song that was inspired by the interview: 


BPM: 60 


Imagine a scene 
Where a very young child 

Watches his mother 

Give birth to his brother 

Seeing the blood 
hearing the screams 
How traumatising 
It could haunt him for years 

It's hard to metabolise (TALKING) 

All the things that we see 
And learn from the lessons 

We need to receive 

While we watch all the chaos 
Going on, on the Earth 
Zoom out on these changes 
And witness a birth 

The world she is changing 
We must change too 
Raise our vibrations 
live up to this truth 
And be brave brave brave 
Then it will work out 

It'll all work out 
It'll all work out 
It'll all work out 
It'll all work out 

CHORUS (Chords) 
Fires in the Amazon 
The trials of your son 
Deaths of the loved ones  
The suffering of everyone, will work 

It will work out 
It will work out 
It will work out 
It will work out 

Sins can't be forgiven 
But learn from the lessons given 
We'll come through this somehow 
Pray for the power now 

There are always reasons I know I have seen this 
Help us to rise like the phoenix 
One day we'll know what it's all about 
I've faith that it will work out