Nehemiah Davis, yogi and teacher of mystic practices

Nehemiah Davis is a yogi and teacher of mystic practices. From early childhood Nehemiah’s father (Althair H. Davis) taught him to manipulate cosmic energies (prana) through prayer and mantra with metaphysical teachings that stress balanced karmic methods of actions through life. With this, his father instructed him in several forms of yoga, which included; karma yoga, hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, raja yoga, mantra yoga, mudra yoga, pranayama (yogic breathing exercises) and kundalini yoga. As a child his father created and enforced a daily schedule of early morning and late evening prayer, meditation, and pranayama. His education in metaphysics while growing up included mystic authors such as; H.P. Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Rama Prasad, Swami Vekadanada, Yogic Ramacharka teachings, Alice A. Bailey, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Sivananda, Sir. John Woodroffe, as well as the late Dr George King founder and president of the Aetherius Society, a modern mystic order that his family were members of. Nehemiah Davis has been teaching on various metaphysical subjects over the last 25 year. His students have asked him over the last decade to write on the subjects he taught. This book “The Ancient Language of the Soul” is his beginning in sharing his knowledge with a large audience around the world.



Lyrics to the song that was inspired by the interview:



Don't dwell on your physical shell 
It's temporary 
Borrowed from the sun 
Yours and everyone's 

The physical plane 
Here vibrating 
All that's born 

It's not physical 
Only fleeting 
For the souls you're meeting 

And transient 
Use it while 
You've remenants 

Your body you made 
It wasn't God 
He'd have done a better job 

Don't dwell on your physical shell 
Cos it's the only thing you see 
Open to the entire spectrum 
Be all you can be 

See the people 
Go through hassle 
Building their 
Little sandcastles 

Want to make it big 
Or make it thin 
All before 
The tide comes in 

Wearing it out early 
Cos you're nervous 
Instead of living 
In selfless service 

Instead they hold back themselves   
Limit their senses 
And get stuck behind 
Illusory fences 

Cos you fell for your physical shell 
And think it's all you are 
Wake up to the real truth 
You're greater now by far 

Then on the astral 
Fulfilling desires 
With the love 
Or in the fires 

Here and there 
Back and forth 
Until you evolve 

So don't dwell on your physical shell 
Cos there's far more to you 
Your dark matter, matters more 
Think about what you do 

Don't dwell on your physical shell 
Use it as a tool 
To help others gain experience 
Graduate from school