LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS: And all love matters! With Peter Panagore


In our Mysticast conversation with Rev. Peter Panagore  ( who describes himself as a husband, father, grandfather, a two-time near-death experiencer, storyteller, ordained pastor, writer, best-selling book author, entrepreneur, public speaker, tv talent, producer, and more, we discuss the meaning of the word L-O-V-E and how this energy can be radiated out into our suffering world.

The biggest parallel drawn from this exploration was that L-O-V-E is a living energy and when used for the benefit of all can bring about feelings of well being to you -the radiating source everyone you come in contact with.

In the Aetherius Society we are told that it is a force for healing, inspiration and transmutation. Just as life as we know it on Earth could not exist without water, nothing in the universe could exist without love.

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Note 1.Dr. George King (1919-1997) was a Master of yoga, trance medium and the author of many books on spirituality. He was contacted by an extraterrestrial intelligence known as “Aetherius” in 1954, and founded The Aetherius Society in 1955 – to promote and act upon the wisdom of highly evolved intelligences from other planets who communicated with, and through, him for over 40 years.

Note 2. Love is much more than just the emotion which many people think of as love. It is described by Mars Sector 6 as a “natural energy, all pervasive, greater than mind”, and as a “state of whole being”. We cannot experience this kind of love – love in its higher sense – until we have a degree of bravery, and this love, as it grows, will in turn spur us onwards to ever-greater degrees of bravery.