Follow Jack Stafford, student of Metaphysics, in the second of his two podcasts, as he tries to better understand the teachings given by the Masters through The Aetherius Society: the new cosmic religion for the Aquarian Age, incorporating all yogas, Christian mysticism, theosophy, UFOs, and more. He speaks to other members like himself, as well as outside experts in related areas.

DISCLAIMER: This is an independent podcast, not produced or fact-checked by The Aetherius Society. For the original teachings, please visit or listen to the official podcasts - 'Aetherius Radio Live' or 'The Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence'

ESCAPING THE REBIRTH TRAP Via Samadhi with Isabella Greene

In this enlightening episode of Mysticast, hosts Jack Stafford and Debra Littleboy engage in a profound conversation with Isabella Greene, a dedicated spiritual practitioner who shares her experience of Kundalini awakening. She explains how her consistent practices led to the…

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