THE AQUARIAN AGE: Walking into the light with Anne Baring & Paul Nugent


This lengthy and detailed discussion on the Mysticast features host Jack Stafford, Anne Baring, and Paul Nugent as guests, delving into a wide range of topics surrounding religion, science, metaphysics, philosophy, and mysticism. Anne Baring, a notable figure and author, shares insights from her life's work, including her views on the soul, the divine feminine, and the challenges facing humanity. The discussion covers the controversial topics of COVID-19, vaccinations, and the actions of global institutions like the WEF, suggesting a plot to undermine humanity. Anne also touches on the presence of UFOs and their official acknowledgment by the American government, alongside spiritual and metaphysical discussions about the evolution of consciousness, the role of the Earth in humanity's spiritual journey, and the critical importance of awakening to our true spiritual heritage. Additionally, historical distortions, the significance of Jesus's and Buddha's teachings, and the potential futures for humanity and Earth are thoroughly explored. Each speaker brings a unique perspective, creating a rich tapestry of ideas aimed at understanding the deeper truths of our existence and the cosmic journey ahead.


00:00 Welcome to the Mysticast: Exploring Cosmic Religion

00:19 A Special Episode: Anne Baring's Third Appearance

00:37 Diving into 'The Dream of the Cosmos' and Anne's Wisdom

03:01 Anne Baring on Writing, Family, and the Roots of Evil

04:11 Conspiracy Theories: Viruses, Vaccines, and Global Plots

05:50 Personal Stories and the Impact of the Pandemic

09:09 Exploring Messages from a Transcendent Dimension

14:48 Revisiting Christianity: Misinterpretations and Lost Teachings

23:53 The Influence of Scientific Materialism on Spiritual Beliefs

28:52 The Ascension Process and the Divine Ground

30:12 Extraterrestrial Origins of Great Masters

32:26 Unveiling the Shadow: A Deep Dive into Humanity's Hidden Struggles

33:15 Exploring Higher Dimensions and Astral Realms

33:49 The Battle Against Evil: Insights from Spiritual Warfare

34:12 Operation Carmelite and the Fight in Lower Astral Realms

35:19 The Role of Humanity in the Cosmic Battle

36:52 Harnessing Spiritual Energy for Global Healing

37:47 Awakening Bravery and Soul Consciousness

38:43 The Dawn of a New Cosmic Cycle

40:49 Confronting Modern Challenges: Materialism, Social Media, and AI

43:42 The Potential for a New Earth and Ascension

44:16 Extraterrestrial Revelations and Earth's Evolution

54:57 Closing Thoughts: Reconnecting and Embracing Technology


Anne Baring:

Paul Nugent:




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