ALTER ETHER: Exploring Pyramid Power and Mystical Healing with Lisa Richards


Lisa Richards is a pyramid expert and we focus on the mystical realms of pyramid energy, specifically focusing on Russian and Giza style pyramids. Lisa shares her journey from the restaurant industry to becoming a committed researcher and advocate for pyramid power, detailing experiences and experiments that showcase the impressive, yet often overlooked, capabilities of pyramid structures. These include remarkable healing outcomes, agricultural benefits, and potential for enhancing spiritual connections. Additionally, the conversation touches upon spiritual healing practices, orgone energy, and various aspects of mysticism, emphasizing the importance of exploring and harnessing the diverse forms of energy around us for healing, growth, and spiritual development.
00:00 Welcome to the Mysticast: Unveiling Cosmic Mysteries
00:24 Introducing Lisa Richards: From Business Partner to Pyramid Expert
00:45 Unlocking the Secrets of Pyramid Power
01:07 Exploring Russian Pyramid Mysteries and Miracles
03:53 The Spiritual and Healing Powers of Pyramids
06:21 A Journey from Fear to Empowerment through Spirituality
09:31 Why Pyramids? Lisa's Personal Quest for Knowledge
12:25 The Pyramid Science Foundation: A Vision for the Future
17:46 Harnessing Pyramid Energy for Spiritual Healing
21:32 The Business of Pyramids: Global Reach and Orgone Energy
22:59 Harnessing Pyramid Energy: Practical Uses and DIY Tips
25:15 Exploring the Stargate Pyramids Shop
27:02 Launching into Alternative Energy Healing
27:39 Grounding Techniques and Energy Awareness
32:29 Spiritual Energy Crisis and Collective Healing Efforts
36:51 Electroculture and the Power of Tesla's Discoveries
41:48 Concluding Thoughts and Where to Find More Information - - - - Resources related to The Aetherius Society and advanced teachings - - - - - The Aetherius Society - Aetherius Radio Live - Spiritual Freedom Show - King Yoga FB Group - The International Mystic Knowledge Center - IMKC youtube -