Dr. WAYNE DYER - evolutionary guidance for the New World with Karen Noe


Our Mysticast conversation is  with Karen Noe (https://www.karennoe.com/about) , who has been an open channel with Dr. Wayne Dyer since his passing in 2015. In this discussion Karen shares some of the messages that Dr. Wayne has given to her to pass onto the world at this crucial time in our planet's evolution.

In common with some of our other guests it would seem that Dr. Dyer has surrounded himself with other like minded souls who wish to help us here on Level 1 (see levels on consciousness in notes below) to find peace and enlightenment. 

The biggest parallel drawn from this exploration was the need to find peace and understanding that we are all one.

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If you are interested in taking a deeper exploration, I have included two lectures 

https://cloud.aetherius.org/levels-of-consciousness-part-1-the-spirit-world/ (Note 2)

https://cloud.aetherius.org/levels-of-consciousness-part-2-realms-of-the-masters/ (Note 3) 

Note 2.What happens when we die? Where do we go? What kind of world should we expect? Do heaven and hell really exist? Do we get reborn on Earth? Will we remember our lives now after we pass on? Will we meet up with loved ones – and recognize them – after death? Is it possible to communicate with the departed? How accurate is such communication? What is a spirit guide? Do ghosts exist? What are they?

Note 3. Life after death for the ordinary person and for the great spiritual Master are very different. The really advanced, inspired, enlightened spiritual worker is destined to experience the magic and joy of a realm of existence much higher than the basic spirit world. These higher realms are places of tremendous creativity in all positive fields of endeavour – where art, science, religion and spirituality are all viewed as inseparable facets of the oneness of Truth. Dr. George King even gives an example of the work being carried out by a great East Asian Master known as Chang-Fu on the higher mental realms, and recounts the illuminating true story of the latter years of Chang-Fu’s life on this plane