HOW TO BE AUTHENTIC: Rising above Likes and Dislikes with John DeMartini


In our Mysticast conversation with Dr. John DeMartini ( a leading authority on human behaviour and personal development, we explore similarities between the Dr. John’s discovery on how to stay authentic by applying what he calls the Law of Contrast and Master of Yoga, Dr. King’s advanced yoga techniques. Dr. John is the founder of a private research and education organization, the Demartini Institute, which hosts a curriculum of more than seventy-two courses covering multiple aspects of human development. The biggest parallel drawn from this exploration was the understanding of the necessity of rising above all petty likes and dislikes. Dr. King taught that by using spiritual energy correctly through Karma Yoga (aka Impersonal service) would balance our evolutionary weaknesses and this would reveal the true self. Dr. John explains it as the correlation between your perceptions and authenticity ‘When you compare yourself to others and EXAGGERATE their qualities, you tend to minimize yourself in return by the law of contrast’. ‘When you MINIMIZE their qualities, you might self-righteously believe you're smarter or more successful’. By comparison you actively move away from being authentic.