KNOWLEDGE VS. BELIEF: Can Science and Spirituality co-exist? Richard Lawrence & Dallas Campbell


41:22 The Intersection of Science, Spirituality, and Levitation
42:17 Exploring Dr. King's Background and Spiritual Journey
43:30 The Influence of Mediums and Psychics in History
44:32 The Reality of Psychic Abilities and Their Control
46:10 The Role of Science and Spirituality in Understanding Truth
46:26 Personal Experiences with Mediums and Their Impact
47:21 The Controversy and Skepticism Surrounding Mediums
48:31 The Spiritual Energy Battery and Its Mysteries
49:54 The Power of Prayer and Spiritual Energy
52:34 The Challenges and Criticisms of Organized Religion
54:54 The Concept of Reincarnation and Its Implications
57:48 The Evolution of Dr. King's Understanding of Life on Other Planets
59:43 The Role of Science in Understanding the UniverseIn this landmark 100th episode of the Mysticast, we have a unique and probing conversation with Richard Lawrence, European Secretary of the Aetherius Society, and renowned TV science presenter and author, Dallas Campbell. From intriguing discussions about spirituality and science to stories about life on other planets and the intricacies of reincarnation, this episode brims with enlightening insights. Richard and Dallas provide captivating perspectives from their distinctive fields, stimulating thought, encouraging introspection, and begetting a deeper understanding of our universe. 
00:00 Introduction to the Mystic Cast
01:57 Exploring the Concept of UFOs and Alien Life
05:23 The Intersection of Science and Spirituality
11:24 The Role of Service in the Ethereal Society
17:06 The Power of Spiritual Experiences
35:30 The Mystery of Levitation and Psychic Abilities
41:05 The Power of Personal Experience and Belief
01:01:41 The Intersection of Science and Spirituality in Understanding Dark Matter
01:21:40 The Role of Reincarnation in Spiritual Evolution
01:27:31 The Legacy and Impact of Dr. George King - - - - Resources related to The Aetherius Society and advanced teachings - - - - - The Aetherius Society - Aetherius Radio Live - Spiritual Freedom Show - King Yoga FB Group - The International Mystic Knowledge Center - IMKC youtube -