MODERN MAGIC: Exploring the Nexus of Science and Islamic Occultism with Matthew Melvin Koschke


Matthew Melvin Koschke is an academic involved in the study of magic, occult sciences, and their integration with religious studies and history of science and technology, provides an insightful conversation that spans a wide array of topics. Starting from Matthew's educational journey from MA to PhD in magic and occult sciences, the discussion delves into efforts to mainstream occult studies, the historical and cultural significance of Islamic occultism, and the challenges faced when confronting mainstream science. Matthew discusses the importance of reframing the narrative around Islamic contributions to science and technology, the role of talismans in Pythagorean magic and philosophy, and the intersection of ufology with teachings on jinn in Islamic occultism. Rich with insights on the evolution of magic and science, colonialist narratives in history, and the potential for future academic explorations into these interdisciplinary fields.



00:21 Introducing Matthew Melvin Koschke: A Journey into Magic and Occult Sciences

00:35 Bridging Worlds: The Intersection of History, Science, and the Occult

02:41 Challenging Mainstream Narratives: The Role of Islamic Magic in Science

03:30 Decolonizing History: Unearthing the Islamic Roots of Western Occultism

07:21 Theosophy and Its Complex Relationship with Islamic Occultism

12:57 Redefining Technology: The Power of Prayer and Talismanic Practices

15:01 Ascended Masters and the Cosmic Role of Islamic Occultism

20:58 Talismanic Cities and Spaceships: Architectural Magic in Islamic Philosophy

27:35 Exploring the Overwhelming Nature of Existence

28:39 Human Evolution and Ancient Civilizations

29:38 Islamic Influence on Western Thought and Science

31:30 The Intersection of Islamic and Indic Philosophies

35:29 Ufology and the Mystical Aspects of Djinn

42:20 The Power and Purpose of Talismans

46:36 Uniting Science, Religion, and Magic

49:04 The Future of Esoteric Studies and How to Get Involved