MUSICAL MYSTICISM: Exploring Angelic sounds with harp player Peter Sterling


In this episode of the Mysticast, we talk to Peter Sterling about his journey into metaphysics, mysticism, and his experiences with angelic beings and astral projection. Peter shares how yoga and meditation prepared him for 'divine dispensation' and cosmic experiences, including UFO sightings, profound samadhi states, and encounters with angels during his time living in Sedona's canyons. He discusses his grandmother's influence on his spiritual path, the role of music in his life, and how he became a channel for divine sound through the harp, aimed at aiding the ascension process. The conversation extends to Peter's mission, his work with the 'Portals of Light' and sharing his spiritual insights through music, art, and sacred land journeys. The episode also touches on the importance of grounding oneself despite profound spiritual experiences and Peter's alignment with the work of The Aetherius Society.
00:24 Introducing Peter Sterling: A Journey into Cosmic Experiences
00:44 The Power of Yoga and Metaphysical Practices in Spiritual Awakening
02:22 Sedona's Mystical Canyons: A Retreat into Nature and Silence
08:03 Encountering the Angelic: Mystical Experiences and Divine Music
16:57 The Mission of Music: Channeling Divine Frequencies
20:55 Balancing Spiritual Missions with Earthly Responsibilities
21:49 The Ethereus Society: Cosmic Missions and Spiritual Combat
32:59 Peter's Future Endeavors: Music, Books, and Sacred Land Journeys
35:54 Concluding Thoughts and Exploring Lake Powell's Sacred Site - - - - Resources related to The Aetherius Society and advanced teachings - - - - - The Aetherius Society - Aetherius Radio Live - Spiritual Freedom Show - King Yoga FB Group - The International Mystic Knowledge Center - IMKC youtube -