PATHWAYS TO ENLIGHTENMENT via selfless service. With Sal Rachele


In our Mysticast conversation with Salvatore Rochelle, ( author of five books and a pioneer in the human potential field for over 40 years, we discuss the similarities between the techniques he uses to channel messages from cosmic sources and Master of Yoga, Dr. King’s unique mediumship. 

Sal explained that he is a mental receiver for  messages from Leah the Venusian, the Arcturians, Lord Sananda, the archangels, the Founders and Isis. He explained the methodology could be likened to amping down electricity from the national grid to 220 or 110 volts in order to service our household needs. Similarly the frequency vibrations of  the highly evolved beings that he communicates with need to be ‘amped down’ so that it can be safely accommodated by Sal’s brain.

By far the biggest parallel drawn from this exploration was the messages of ‘ Love through Service to Others’  In the Sanada Mystery School ( which Sal Co-Founded, Sanada explains that One of the fastest and best ways to spiritual enlightenment is through service to others. 

This is echoed by Mars Sector 6 in The Nine Freedoms,( ) an Metaphysical treatise on the progress through Ascension to Cosmic Existence.

Those who have a yearning desire to serve and indeed are doing so, are those who have slain selfishness; are those who are gradually overcoming their lower materialistic aspects; are those who are, sometimes slowly but nevertheless surely, advancing towards Enlightenment.

– Mars Sector 6 -‘Service is the Jewel in the Rock of Attainment’



Sal, his team and the Aetherius Society are committed to bringing this vital message to our suffering world.



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