PSYCHIC EXPLORATION: Metaphysics, Afterlife Science, and Cosmic Religion with Mark Anthony


In this episode of the Mysticast, host Jack Stafford talks with guest Mark Anthony, a multifaceted psychic explorer, medium, and near-death experience researcher. Mark shares his insights on the alignment of his findings with the Aetherius Society's concepts, encompassing topics like Christian mysticism, theosophy, UFOs, and reincarnation. Born into a lineage of psychics, Mark initially pursued a legal career before shifting focus to his spiritual and psychic abilities, using them to aid others, particularly in understanding grief's role in criminal behavior and substance abuse. The discussion delves into the nature of the afterlife, the interconnectedness of all things at a quantum level, and the importance of understanding our existence beyond the physical realm. Mark outlines his Electromagnetic Soul theory, discussing spirit communication, near-death experiences, and the evolutionary process of the soul. The conversation also touches on the significance of keeping an open mind towards various belief systems and the universal interconnectedness emphasized in many spiritual teachings.


00:00 Welcome to the Mystic Cast with Jack Stafford

00:26 Introducing Psychic Explorer Mark Antony

02:23 A Journey Through Spirituality and Law

07:10 The Impact of Grief and Crime on Society

11:58 Exploring the Afterlife and Reincarnation

15:55 The Scientific Proof of Spiritual Contact

25:49 Understanding the Interconnectedness of All Things

36:13 The Cosmic Perspective on Religion and Spirituality

48:28 Mark Antony's Work and Future Plans


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