READY FOR CONTACT: A Dialogue with Alan Steinfeld on UFOs, Metaphysics, and Conscious Evolution


This episode features a discussion with Alan Steinfeld, a renowned figure in UFO research and metaphysics, focusing on the intersection of science, religion, and mysticism in understanding extraterrestrial existence and higher consciousness. Alan shares insights from his 30-year journey in the UFO field, including personal experiences and interactions with prominent spiritual figures. The conversation explores the recent acknowledgment of UFOs by governments, the relevance of quantum physics and ancient wisdom, and highlights from Alan's book, 'Making Contact', which addresses preparing for extraterrestrial existence with contributions from leading researchers. Topics also include the evolution of consciousness, the importance of direct knowing over belief, and humanity's potential to unite in a shared understanding of our cosmic presence, aiming to provide a comprehensive view on the collective awakening to a multidimensional existence.


00:00 Welcome to the Mystic Cast: Unveiling Cosmic Mysteries

00:41 Exploring the UFO Phenomenon with Alan Steinfeld

02:39 The Etheria Society: A Cosmic Religion for the Aquarian Age

05:03 The Evolution of Consciousness and Extraterrestrial Contact

13:53 The Ascension Process: Humanity's Cosmic Awakening

18:07 Unraveling Government Secrets and the Reality of UFOs

24:29 Making Contact: Preparing for a New Reality

25:31 Exploring Belief vs. Knowledge in Paranormal Experiences

27:04 The Role of Science and Government in UFO Research

28:55 Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins and Evolution

30:28 The Aquarian Age: A New Era of Consciousness

30:52 The Potential of Free Energy and Its Implications

31:30 The Bifurcation of Humanity and the Emergence of a New World

33:26 The Evolution of Consciousness and the Formation of a Superorganism

37:10 The Importance of Unity and Overcoming Religious Dogma

42:42 Promoting a Unified World of Truth and Spiritual Awareness

44:24 Closing Thoughts and Future Engagements


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