Lisa Paglin and Marianna Brilla on the revolutionary singing technique that stops singers losing their voices

'The voice is the perfect musical instrument'   When Lisa Paglin met Marianna Brilla, Marianna was questioning everything about the voice.  Degrees from prestigious schools, international studies with 27 world-renowned teachers and a Fulbright Award had proven to her that clear criteria for achieving ease, perfect intonation and simple communication through the word in singing was no longer available anywhere.  Despite personal dissatisfaction, she was sought after as a singer and began a successful career. But, determined to rediscover the foundations of fine singing, Marianna left the stage and began challenging fallacies, inaccuracies and misinformation.  Lisa was an accomplished pianist and singer from early childhood. As a young soprano at the Vienna Staatsoper, she drew much praise for her voice and musicality, but confusing vocal instruction, combined with a period of poor health, threw her off-balance.  Longing to return to effortless and joyful singing, Lisa consulted prominent teachers, to no avail.   She joined Marianna, and together they completed over 15 years of painstaking research, resulting in a thorough understanding of voice.   Their methods for voice training and vocal rehabilitation, Vocal Balance™ and Vocal Restoration™, were born.  

Read the Guardian article that inspired me to contact them for singing lessons 


Lyrics to the song that was inspired by the interview:


I'd been driving for years 
Lost in foreign lands 
Searching for answers 
Some guiding hands 

I'd gone cross country 
Even lost the road 
I was given directions 
By people, far gone themselves 

But it was in my darkest hour 
That I heard her name 
Whispered on the wind 
And I was guided to a place 

The parking lot was packed 
the queue went round the block 
But a desperate man won't be denied 
I found a window unlocked 

I climbed into her chamber 
And poured out my heart 
Of how I'd lost my voice somewhere 
She watched me in the dark  

"Your problems obvious 
You've forced your tone 
Singing should be an effortless thing 
Leave well alone" 

After an hour together 
I felt changes deep inside 
And I walked out the door two inches taller 
With words to reach the sky    

And I could sing sing sing 
Such a pure and simple thing 
Go within 
And let it ring 

Yes I could sing sing sing 
A recrowned king 
I went within 
And let it ring 

Her technique was simple 
As light as love 
An iron fist 
Inside a velvet glove 

She took away the parts 
That were not me 
Like Michaelangelo 
Had done for David 

With balanced tone  
The right vibrations 
Like a type rope walker 
I had bold and new sensations