Track-by-Track Commentary on Podsongs Volume 12

A commentary on the last 12 songs created for the Podsongs project, with musicians Jack Stafford, Maurizio Sarnicola, Massimino Voza and Luigi Falcione. Go behind the scenes with the band to hear how they made the songs inspired by the interviews. 

Note from Jack: In the video I mistakenly say this is our 11th album... but it's actually our 12th 

1. Miracles
2. Une ville avec un fleuve enterré 
3. Deeper Than Love 
4. Two Cokes for Paul Nelson 
5. Afterlife of a Painting 
6. Candy Land 
7. Galileo - with a microscope 
8. Eagles 
9. Public Land 
10. Peace on my mind 
11. The New Convention 
12. Animam Nondum Efflavi 


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