OUTSIDE LOOKING IN: Lemn Sissay inspires a new David Knopfler song

Episode 143 of Podsongs—the podcast where musicians interview inspirational people as inspiration for a new song— David Knopfler speaks to Lemn Sissay, British poet, author and broadcaster, as inspiration for a new song called 'On the Outside', which will be released as a single on 17th November 2023 Stream the song: https://ffm.to/on-the-outside ON THE OUTSIDE Never quite at home Always you’re alone Always on the outside Riding out the storm So where do we now start Where do we begin Never looking outside Always looking in Always on the outside And never quite at home Always on the outside And every Christmas you’re alone Waiting for the dawn Family full of strangers Barely holding on Always on the outside You know you must be strong Always on the outside And you’ll survive the storm And always you’ll belong Always you’ll belong Always you’ll belong https://knopfler.com/ https://www.lemnsissay.com // SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL // Newsletter, donations and download the song for €/$1 @ https://podsongs.com // LINKS // Website: https://podsongs.com Podcast episodes: https://podsongs.com/podcast-episodes Songs: https://podsongs.com/music Spotify artist: https://open.spotify.com/artist/32FYyRx1y1ex3jHHAgLMC7?si=4Nv7WW85SbSPZvCsj1o7Ig Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6sN1viy82HPiNTVX2YBxpq?si=1b84c2b9bdea4656 // SOCIAL // Twitter: https://twitter.com/podsongs Instagram: https://instagram.com/podsongs Facebook: https://facebook.com/podsongs

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