What is the essential role for women in our world today – and in the future? With Graham Philips


Our Mysticast guests Graham Phillips, one of Britain’s bestselling non-fiction authors, and Anne Baring, author and peace activist, discuss the mysterious, nineteenth-century secret society called the Order of Meonia which is the fascinating subject of Graham's latest book Strange Fate. http://grahamphillips.net/StrangeFate/StrangeFate.html 

The biggest insight from this conversation was the multiple parallels, twists and turns that brought this incredible story into print. The pattern of success shown by strong women of good heart  embracing the occult sciences which enabled them to influence the male leaders of the world, with the results of giving women some equality, starting the essential re-balance of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine energies.

This true story supports the messages received and recorded in Anne’s latest book https://www.annebaring.com/books/messages-from-a-transcendent-dimension/  and the appeal to women from the Cosmic Masters through Dr. King in 1962. https://www.aetherius.org/the-cosmic-masters-appeal-to-women/ 



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