CONFLICT REVOLUTION: Regeneration through Human Will and Divine Grace with Barbara With


In our Mysticast conversation with Barbara Lee With ( we discuss Universal Life Force Energy called L-O-V-E. 

We have been told through the teachings given through Dr. King  by the Cosmic Masters  that Real Love is not a measure of emotion, but something much greater. Being able to channel the extraordinary power of love brings freedom from hate and from a host of other ills. Love can even bring freedom from war, disease, and our own basic selves. Rather than thinking of it as a state of mind, think of it as a state of whole being.

One of the ways of putting this love into practical action is by praying that they be inspired to become the people they could be.

Barbara, after being contacted and tutored by Albert Einstein and The Party of Twelve from the afterlife, has been inspired to travel and teach people how to use this universal power, she is currently travelling and teaching how to obtain Peace one person at a time. Her mission is to teach that Non Violent Action is the way to end the Age of War. 

Barbara shared that she has been delighted to discover that the younger generation seem to understand the oneness of everything and this gives her the energy to keep teaching and sharing.

This lady is a POWERHOUSE truly inspiring.

Further study:  Albert Einstein and The Party of 12 - solution to end all War on Earth..  See Mars Sector 6 and Master Jesus  The First Blessing is for ‘They who work for PEACE’ and Third Blessing is for ‘ they who LOVE’  The Second Freedom is LOVE It is described by Mars Sector 6 as a “natural energy, all pervasive, greater than mind”, and as a “state of whole being”. We cannot experience this kind of love – love in its higher sense – until we have a degree of bravery, and this love, as it grows, will in turn spur us onwards to ever-greater degrees of bravery.

If you are interested in taking a deeper exploration, I have included a couple of lectures