PROJECT EARTHWORK: Are You Ready To Take Your Place as a Steward of The Land? with Ceryn Rowntree


In our Mysticast conversation with Ceryn Rowntree ( Storyteller, Primal Priestess, Soul Integration Specialist, we were spoilt for choice on what to focus on. Debra was particularly interested in Project Earthwords which Ceryn is a Founder Member, so that is where we started the discussion.

Project Earthwork (  a totally FREE initiative where folk from all over the world and all walks of life, network together to honour and tend to the living breathing being that is our home. They acknowledge the wisdom of our ancestors, weave energy grids and networks for those to come, and reclaim their rightful place as stewards of the Earth.

As the discussion developed we quickly understood how this initiative slotted into Ceryn’s other passion which she calls Soul Integration, she helps people understand the vital importance of having the Male and Female energies working together in harmony, how thoughts are powerful tools and correct breathing is the best remedy for calming the mind.

The biggest parallel drawn from this exploration was the striking alignment with the Fifth and Seventh Blessing from The Twelve Blessings ( given by The Master Jesus through Dr. King in 1958. 

Further study: - lecture by Lisa Rosser is worth a watch.  a transmission given by Master Jesus through Dr. King in 1958.  a transmission given by Master Jesus through Dr. King in 1958.