MASTERS, ASCENDED MASTERS & COSMIC MASTERS Who are they and what is their ‘job’ remit? With Ryder...


In our Mysticast conversation with Ryder Lee it quickly became  apparent that this man is a super researcher of truth. His dedication in sorting the 'wheat from the chaff'  was breathtaking.

In the Aetherius Society we are repeatedly told by Dr. King said that discrimination was essential, we had to listen and separate the truth from fantasy. A few minutes into the interview it was obvious that discernment was by far the biggest parallel to be drawn from this exploration.

Debra believes that Ryder’s demonstration of truth searching is a great service to would-be spiritual aspirants - as so many hear a grain of truth wrapped in fantasy and swallow the whole package, mostly because it appeals to their EGOS.

The discussion explored the different terminologies of Master, Ascended Master & Cosmic Masters and how the terms have different meanings depending on the speaker. It also dipped into the muddy subject of soul fragments, Debra sharing that Dr. King had explained that mighty Black magicians, transmuted onto Level 1 (this physical plane) had their consciousnesses split into many parts in order to give the entity a chance to follow the path of oneness and service to all. 

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