INTUITION: What is it? Can I access it? How will it help me? With Jen Weigel


In our Mysticast conversation with Jen Weigel (  an award winning broadcast journalist who has been on a journey to bring spirituality into mainstream media for over twenty years, we started by discussing the subject of Intuition,  - what is it? Can I access it? How will it help me?  

Searching for similarities between the techniques used by Jen and those taught by Dr. King, this conversation quickly changed direction as we realised the biggest parallel between Jen Weigel and Dr. King’s mission was the importance of  understanding and dedication to the concept of oneness and service to each other and our planet. 

Jen explained that she was committed to storytelling, making a platform for people to show up and listen to each other in order to gain experience without the first hand emotional rawness, the sting which limits the  capacity for rational thought. She believes that this service heals the individual, promotes bravery and in turn is gradually healing our world.

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