SPIRITUALITY HAS GONE MAINSTREAM… now how can you harness that? With PR guru Sarah Lloyd


In our Mysticast conversation with Sarah Lloyd (https://www.indigosoulpr.com)  a P.R guru who works with spiritually minded business folk, helping them uncover opportunities that align with their core values.

Sarah believes 100% in collaboration, she says that It is time for us to not only own, but to fall in love with our stories. Our mistakes. Our learnings. And to share those stories so others may feel less alone, inspired to take a different path, or to teach and guide.

The biggest parallel drawn from this exploration and the teachings given by the Masters through Dr. King is that COLLABORATION is a vital key to success. For more than four decades Dr.King demonstrated how to collaborate with Masters of Yoga and Cosmic Masters teaching us how to evolve and work ever more seamlessly together, rising above petty likes and dislikes until we merge and form a more expansive powerful force. 

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