The Independent Record Company

Podsongs is a project run by The Independent Record Company: an organisation dedicated to promoting music with meaning and musicians with a message. Its mission is to use music as a tool for social change, with a unique focus on lyric-driven music—regardless of genre—giving thinking songwriters a way to be heard in a market flooded with meaningless music.

The IRC was established in 2004 in Amsterdam to promote The Jack Stafford Foundation and The Stutters, it is has expanded to include bases in the UK and Italy, promoting music without borders or boundaries.

Today its primary vehicle is Podsongs, a weekly podcast where artists co-host an episode and interview activists, professors, authors, scientists.... people in service to others—and write a song inspired by their efforts to make the world a better place. The in-house Podsongs production team assists with all aspects of sound and video production to release a #songforgood and music video with each episode. The single is distributed to all music channels by The Orchard 


Apply to Podsongs

We are looking for socially-conscious artists with strong personalities who want to create meaningful art that will change the world for the better. Let's think big.

No band too big, no singer too small: We work with both established and up-and-coming artists. Whoever has both the talent and the willingness to work.

Applicants can be singers, songwriters, bands, producers, DJs..... we can match you with other talented artists to fill in the gaps.

All artists must be free of commitments to other publishers or record labels; have active Socials; be confident in an interview; and be clear about what kind of cause they want to fight for—ideally present a shortlist of guests, charities or organisations who you feel would be deserving of a song.

If you would like to apply please fill out this form

THE IRC (NL), Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 153-I, 1012 RK Amsterdam  The Netherlands + 31 (0)20 3205319 

THE IRC (IT), via Degli Ulivi 37, Santa Maria di Castellabate, Salerno Italy +39 3208774502